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Did You Know That It’s Actually Tradition To Leave Your Christmas Tree Up Until January 6? Here’s Why.

There’s a lot of controversy when it comes down to taking the Christmas Tree out to the curb.

Mom wants it done as soon as December 26th and dad prefers to wait until a week later.

No matter what date you prefer to haul out the tree, there is a tradition to leave up the tree until January 6th and here’s why.

Tradition in the Christian faith says to not only leave your Christmas Tree up until January 6th, but celebrating the holiday actually lasts until the first week of January.

It’s called the 12 days of Christmas and the first day of celebrating Christmas doesn’t actually start until December 25th.

The last day to celebrate the Christmas holiday is January 6th, aka the “Twelfth Night” and as tradition says.

January 6th is the day when the three wise men finally arrived to Bethlehem to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus.

It is also rumored that it’s unlucky to take down your Christmas decorations before the month of January and we all know that we can use all the luck we can get this year!


Sunday 21st of November 2021

We'll put up our Christmas tree on Eve of the 24th and take it down on the 7th. We celebrate 6th December with a special 3 wise man (king) bread with a hidden mini plastic wise man. Greetings from Switzerland


Sunday 26th of December 2021

@Claudia, isn’t it on January 6th? Dia de los Reyes! Then buy the Rosca bread with the hidden baby Jesus.