Photographer Creates ‘Friends’ Newborn Photoshoot, ‘Can We Be Any Cuter?’

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‘Can we be any cuter?’ < I truly hope you read that with Joey’s voice.


Meet Colorado photographer Mandy Penn. During the panorama, Mandy wanted to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Being that she is a huge Friends fan (and who isn’t?), Mandy wanted to incorporate Friends into one of her photo shoots.


She put out a casting call and the rest is history…

The attention to detail of the costumes (how cute is that turkey hat?) and the adorable sleeping babies has my ovaries hurting! CUTENESS OVERLOAD.


Eek it just keeps getting cuter!!


I have to admit, the Joey is my personal favorite… “How you doin’?”.

Mandy Penn Photography

In addition the newborns, Mandy also had toddlers to take this fun themed photoshoot with as well…

Just one quick look at Mandy’s Instagram will tell you just how much she truly loves Friends and it makes me love her and her photography so much more!


If you’re looking for a Colorado Photographer, look no further! Mandy is your girl! You can check out Mandy’s website here.

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