McDonald’s Has A New Burger and It Sounds Cheesy

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It’s getting hot in here…

McDonald’s has most recently welcomed a new spicy (and cheesy) addition to their menus and full warning, you may need to take home a large Coke to settle your tongue.

Courtesy of McDonald’s

In fact, you may even want to order fries as well, just in case the Coca-Cola isn’t enough.

For those who prefer to order the Quarter Pounder when you visit the drive-thru, this new burger upgrade will surely not disappoint.

Courtesy of @mcdonaldsbrampton

What’s dubbed the new Cheesy Jalapeño Bacon Quarter Pounder with Cheese, the McDonald’s new grilled burger includes a layer of heat anytime you order this beef patty.

That’s right, I said cheese twice.

Courtesy of McDonald’s

With every bite, you can expect a beef patty topped with bacon and two slices of melted American cheese, but the cheese parade doesn’t just stop there.

McDonald’s then adds another layer of cheese but rather than melted American cheese, this burger features a creamy cheese sauce and is layered with pickled jalapeño slices.

Courtesy of @sayfromageplz

And of course, let’s not forget about the toasted sesame seed bun that keeps everything together.  

Compared to the original Quarter Pounder without the cheese and bacon upgrade, that’s three extra layers of cheese with a touch of heat!

Courtesy of @junkfoodonthego

However, this new burger does omit the slivered onions, pickles, mustard, and ketchup that typically comes with just the basic Quarter Pounder, but let’s not question the chain’s new creation.

And the best part about this burger other than the extra cheese and heat, is that you can count on the meal to go nationwide as soon as next month!

Courtesy of McDonald’s

The limited-edition Cheesy Jalapeño Bacon Quarter Pounder with Cheese releases to participating McDonald’s chains nationwide on July 10.

So it looks like dinner is on McDonalds that week.

Courtesy of @markie_devo

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