Jen Stayrook is my Hero

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The ‘ol Blog was looking a little stale. Kind of boring and blah. I feel like your blog can only rock a look for so long– then it just becomes totally out of season.

Well, since I am particularly particular– I had to turn to someone who “gets” me.

That would be my friend, Jen. We’ve been hanging out on the internet for a couple of years, she’s the genius behind the look of WriteOnCon, and her blog is adorable adorable.

That’s right. It’s so cute I used adorable twice.

She made my new blog layout and I LOVE HER for it.

So, this is just me saying THANK YOU to Jen Stayrook for being the coolest friend- pretty much EVAR.

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  1. I dig it! Very nice. I think this is very tre-Jamie.

    1. @Wendy Fisher, Wendy! I miss youuuuuu! 🙂 I am going to get my pink streaks re-pinked tomorrow!

    1. @Jen Stayrook, I LOVE the comment boxes too… they’re SO FREAKIN’ Cute that I have to come here and comment on EVERYONE’S BOX!

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