This Nightlight Allows You to Sleep Under Soothing Ocean Waves

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The most relaxing thing ever for me is to be near water! For years I lived at the ocean and my favorite time to be there was at night.

I can not even count how many times I have fallen asleep at the beach. I was young and carefree. Now I’m not so young and prefer to be home, in a real bed.


Well, with this little contraption from Gideon, I can have both my bed and my ocean waves. I can drift off to sleep feeling like I am in an underwater oasis.


This amazing night light stays cool, so no worries. It is safe. It has a 60-minute sleep timer with auto shut-off. But if you happen to stay awake, you can shut it off manually.


The DreamWave has a built-in speaker! You can hook up an iPod, MP3, or your smartphone. So not only do you have the relaxing wave projector, but you can also have your favorite relaxing music. It also comes with a 3.5mm Aux-in cable.


It comes with a 5V DC Adapter and a USB plug to keep it powered. You can also use 4 “AA” batteries but those are not included. It isn’t huge, measuring only 5″ x 5″ x 5.


The Gideon DreamWave projects water waves on the ceiling for a totally relaxing atmosphere. It has 3 different colors on the lighting. You can choose a solid color, changing colors, or all of the colors for a neat rainbow-like effect.

I wish I would have had something like this when my kids were younger! It would have made bedtime so much easier. Could you imagine how magical this would seem to a kid?

Who am I kidding, the kids are pretty grown and it’s me that needs to relax. The reviews are excellent! It will cost you $21.95 on Amazon and I think that is a total bargain!

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