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Here’s How to Clean Up Those Christmas Tree Needles

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By this point, Christmas tree needles are literally all over everything.

I found Christmas tree needles in my bra this morning. How does that even happen?

You might get enough of it, break out the vacuum cleaner, and try to suck up those annoying crispy Christmas tree needles.

But, maybe you should hit pause before you break out that vacuum cleaner to clean up the Christmas tree remnants.

The sap from Christmas tree needles can actually gum up the works in your vacuum cleaner, permanently ruining it and creating a bigger mess.

How To Clean Up Christmas Tree Needles

If you have no other option, and a vacuum cleaner is your only means of cleaning up that mess, dust the needles with baking soda to dry up the sap.

Wait about 10 minutes after you cover them with the baking soda before you suck them up in the vacuum.

This will give the baking soda time to cling to the sap, making the job easier on your vacuum cleaner.

A better option for cleaning up those Christmas tree needles would be to get a rubber squeegee broom.

A natural bristle broom can actually get covered in sap, making it next to impossible to properly clean up those needles.

And, a rubber squeegee broom is super easy to clean. You just run it under water, and wipe it down with a mild soap.


Another option for cleaning Christmas needles from small areas is to wrap packing tape around your hand — sticky side out — and pat the needles.

The needles will stick to the tape, and come right up off your floor — or furniture, or clothes, or toys as the case may be.

You could — and should — definitely be using a Christmas tree skirt under the tree.

This will catch the majority of the needles that fall from the tree, and you can just take it outside and shake it off.


When it comes time to drag that tree out to the curb — the saddest time of the year — make sure you clear the way in your house.

Roll up rugs and move furniture so the needles don’t get all over everything.

We use a Christmas tree disposal bag before we take the Christmas tree out to the curb.

I definitely recommend doing this!!

It makes for a pretty easy cleanup once the tree is outside.


Next year, you might want to think twice before getting a living Christmas tree.

There are plenty of beautiful alternative Christmas trees out there, and it makes cleanup a breeze when the season is over!


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