Things To Keep You Busy When You’re Stuck Inside

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This dang coronavirus has just upended everyone’s plans for the next 2+ weeks.

Bored Friends

So many vacations, spring breaks, and even school days have now been cancelled, and now we are left saying, “What do we do now?”

Well, no worries. We have it covered.

Social distancing doesn’t mean your whole life has to stop. It just means you may need to think outside the box to come up with ways to still enjoy your time.

It’s time to read all the things! Bust out that series you’ve been wanting to read, and get to it. Break out those magazines that have been piling up on your counter, and open them up. Get yourself a Amazon Kindle account, and download all the books. Now is your chance to read like you’ve never read before!

Go for a walk. Sure, this is still allowed. Just remember, stay away from large groups, and maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from other people. Now, if you are immunocompromised or elderly, you MAY want to avoid this option.

Master that video game. Yes, I give you permission to play video games until your heart’s content. You won’t ever have a better time to just stay away from everyone, and finish that game.

Binge watch that series you’ve been wanting to watch. Why not put that Netflix account to good use! You are at home, staying away from society. Now is the perfect time to get caught up on your new favorite series.

Learn a foreign language. You may not be a language expert in a few short weeks, but you can certainly become basically conversational! Pick a language, and go for it. You’ll never have more time than now.

Visit a virtual museum. Can’t go out and go to a museum? No problem. Many museums have websites that allow you to take a virtual tour. It may not be exactly the same as going, but it’s the next best thing, for sure.

Become a nature watcher. Bust out those binoculars, or simply just use your eyeballs. You can watch birds, deer, squirrels, and so much other wildlife just by looking out your windows. OR, you can go sit in your yard to watch nature happen. Just make sure you maintain that 6-foot distance from other people.

Take that nap. I’m not here to judge. Tired? Go for it. Nap away!

Spring clean your house. Now, this wouldn’t be MY cup of tea, but it might be something you enjoy! It’s also a great time to disinfect all the surfaces in your home.

Do a puzzle. Break out that puzzle you got from Grandma for christmas. Clear off your kitchen table, throw down the puzzle pieces, and get to putting them together!

Weed your yard. This is also GREAT for relieving stress! Get some fresh air, and make your yard beautiful. Just, of course, keep that 6-foot distance from people.

Do all the crafts. OMG. If you are anything like me, you have a plethora of craft items, but you never have the time to do anything with them. Well, now is the perfect time. Get your creative craft on!

Write letters. What a GREAT time to go old school, and write letters to people. This is not only something fun for you to do, but just think how excited the recipient will be. I love getting mail!

open letter to mean moms

Teach that dog a new trick. Y’all, get your furry friend, and teach him a new trick or two. Shake, roll over, high five, there are so many choices here. I think I’ll work on teaching my dog to fetch me some coffee. Ha!

put a treat on your dog's nose

Teach your kids a new skill. If you are like me, you never quite have time to sit down with your kids and teach them important life skills. Have them help you fix a sink, make a recipe, or sew a pillow. Not only will y’all have a great time, it’s something y’all will remember forever.

Facetime all the people. Now is a GREAT time to catch up with all your family and friends you have been neglecting because life gets too busy. Pull out your address book, and get open up that Facetime app. I bet they’ll love the call!

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