Here’s 5 Things You Need To Sanitize Regularly To Protect Yourself From The Coronavirus

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We are constantly looking for new ways to stay healthy. With cold and flu season nearing, some have already been preparing. But with the Coronavirus looming over the US, here are some great tips on how to keep your surroundings clean.

1. Stock Up On Sprays and Cleaners

Now, this may be a little difficult with sanitizers flying off the shelves. Most stores have limited the amount you can purchase to make it easier for everyone to get some. If not, check out our post on how to make your own at home!

2. Hands

Hands are one of the biggest germ carriers. Hand-washing will always be one of the best ways to fight off illness. Although hand sanitizer is helpful, it is not a substitute for the simple task of washing your hands. Also, do your best not to touch your face.

3. Toys

Lets face it…kids have germs. Babies put everything in their mouths. Toddlers are great at getting messy. You can only imagine how many germs accumulate on the surfaces of their toys. Soft, plush toys can be washed in the washing machine. Hard surfaced toys can easily be wiped off with sanitizing wipes or soaked in warm water and dish soap (for non-electronic items). Don’t forget gaming consoles and controllers!

4. Your Workspace

Think of all the things you touch in your workspace. Your laptop, keyboard, mouse, and phones. Taking a disinfectant wipe over these items regularly can help keep the germs away.

5. Door Knobs and Door Handles

Think of how many times doors are opened a day. How many hands touch the knobs and handles…how many germs get transferred. Run an antibacterial wipe over these surfaces often.

These are just a few ideas to help fight against the illnesses floating around. These practices are a great routine to get into in your every day life. Stay safe out there.

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