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Here’s How to Order The McDonald’s Secret Menu Dinner Box That Can Feed A Family Of Four

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If you didn’t already know, McDonald’s has a secret menu.

It’s true, and on that secret menu is a dinner box so large, it can feed a family of four!

Thanks to TikToker @xolovelei who shared her order of the secret menu dinner box at the golden arches, this unique item has been trending on the social media platform, and for good reason.

For just $12, @xolovelei pulled out a never-ending supply of meals that featured so much food, we now know why it can feed an entire family of four people!

Courtesy of @xolovelei

The packed to-go box, stuffed four small fries, two cheeseburgers, a ten-piece chicken McNugget, two Big Macs, and a few sauces of your choice.

Now that’s a budget friendly meal!

The only thing missing were the drinks but hey, in this economy and for under 15 bucks, this secret menu dinner box is no-doubt a steal!

But before you had head on over to Mickey D’s, not every McDonald’s restaurant will have this secret menu item available unfortunately.

So make sure you call your local McDonald’s ahead of time, before making your way to the drive-thru and confusing the workers inside!

It’s also important to note that while @xolovelei was able to snag this dinner box for just $12, prices may vary according to each McDonald’s chain.

Courtesy of @xolovelei

Although if you’re asking us, it’s totally worth a shot to see if the McDonald’s near you sells this dinner box and for how much!

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