You Can Get Matching BFF Necklaces You Can Share with Your Dog

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If you know me in person or on social media, you know that I absolutely love my dogs. We have 4 and we have fostered many others.

My heart dog is Furiosa. She is my Service Dog. Furiosa is still a young girl, but already does medical alerts and other tasks, like DPT, behavior interruptions, and retrievals.

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She recently turned one and we spent the whole day doing her favorite things.

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When she turns two she will start mobility work for me. This girl is way more than a pet.

We are pretty much ALWAYS together. When I saw these matching tag and necklace sets, I knew we needed to get one!

They make them for dogs as well as cats! They have a huge breed selection too!

They look so unique and amazing! I like simple jewelry and this is something I would absolutely wear.

They are cut from one piece of stainless steel. You just pop out the cut-out and you have a charm that you can wear as a necklace, bracelet, or add it to your keyring.


They are so adorable and I know I’ll need to get 4 of them for each of our dogs. They make them for large dogs, small dogs, and cats too!


The tags for big dog tags measure 1.6 inches in diameter and 0.9 mm thick. The tags for small dogs measure 0.81 inches in diameter.

They even have horses and pigs! So freaking cute!

Each tag can be engraved with the name of your pet and your address or phone number. Or You can choose any quote for the tag with 30 characters or less.

As animal advocates, we want to make a positive difference for all animals in need. Every tag you buy, donates and provides much needed funds for dogs, cats, and other homeless pets who are suffering right now in our home country Colombia.


They are only $24.99 and you can buy them on the WeLink website!

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