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People Are Using Cotton Pads To Make Instant Campfire Starters. Here’s How To Make Them

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Starting a campfire isn’t always easy, especially when you’re camping in the middle of the woods, it’s raining, and everyone else around you has just as much knowledge on how not to start a fire.

Since getting the fire going has been an ongoing problem for many people who like to camp, a viral hack has surfaced social media and let’s just say it’s genius.

In an effortless attempt to start a fire to cook the fish you caught in the morning or simply to roast s’mores, camping enthusiasts are making waxed cotton pads to ignite a fire easily.

Courtesy of @Char-lee Godfrey

Making cotton pads dipped in wax is simple and all you need is a round of cotton pads, wax, a single pan and a stove; so keep in mind to complete this hack before you go camping.

Courtesy of @Fantasia by Frida

Grab a pan that you don’t mind melting wax in, grab a few cubes of wax and throw them in the pan on the stove at low heat.

Courtesy of Debra S Owens Scott

Slowly watch the wax melt and after you have enough liquid wax in the bottom of the pan to coat your cotton pads, place the cotton into the wax which will quickly absorb in seconds; so have your tongs ready.

You only need enough wax to coat the outside of each cotton pad.

Courtesy of @Char-lee Godfrey

Lay out to dry on parchment paper before placing your waxed cotton pads in ziplock bags and on your next camping trip, the responsibility of starting a fire is nevertheless achieved with less stress.

Courtesy of @CarCampingTips

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