Why Being A Slob Is Awesome

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Springtime, for a lot of people, is their anthesis. It’s like their brains and bodies reawaken after a winter of slumber and they ache and claw toward putting their lives back in an orderly fashion. For me, not so much. I’m a fall gal. In fact, you could say I prep for Halloween year round: there are spiderwebs all over my house. My mom calls it terrifying; I like to feel it adds authenticity to the occasion. It’s like all that time I avoided dusting in the spring is Finally paying off. THIS is my moment to shine. Know what else? I’m not alone. There are more out there like me. And we’re awesome. Being a slob is awesome.

Being clean is fine, but being a slob is awesome! Click here to find out why!

Why Being A Slob Is Awesome

1. We have more time to hang out. It’s true. Give me a call anytime, and you’re not ever going to get the excuse, “Oh, I can’t. I’m cleaning today.” I’ll be all, “Yeah, where do you want to meet?” Sure, you might not want to come to my house as much, but I’m always down for lunch out. And if you do come over, it might be good for you…

hang out

2. Boosts the immune system. Exposure to pollens and allergens can help reduce symptoms of hay fever and common colds. And for little kids, being around environments that aren’t ‘so sterile’ can help boost their immune systems so they’re better able to cope with bigger germs when they come along. So in a big way, my house is like the cure for what doesn’t ail you quite yet!

boosts immune system

3. We would never judge your dirty home. Or your clean home. Or anyone’s home, really. But mostly, if I come to your house I’ll just be happy to hang out with you. Dirty dishes in the sink? Hey, looks like my place! Didn’t have time to dust? No biggie. Kitchen table cluttered with stuff? It’s cool – we’ll just shove some of it down to the other end and drink our coffee out of mason jars. I’d never judge.

messy house

4. Slobs are in good company. Beethoven, Picasso, Einstein…all slobs. Fort Worth, Texas writer Elizabeth Lunday writes about the secret lives of great artists and composers in her books. Biggest secret? Most of them were absolute messes. Her books are all about the fun little stories that we didn’t hear about in school and any slob will feel a bit less icky once they read about how bad Beethoven Really was.


5. It’s a sign of creative genius. Though my mother would never agree, there IS a correlation between clutter and creativity. I can’t speak for others but for me, at least, it’s like the clutter gives way to inspiration. When I can’t think I start glancing around the room and I’ve got ideas stacked up everywhere. An old magazine article, a book about sharks, glitter from a project I started last week, a strange pattern on my bookshelf where my sleeve caught the dust. All the sudden, BOOM! I’ve got a new idea. If my place was clean, where would my inspiration come from? Where??

creative genius

Look, I’m not saying people who are tidy should go out of their way to be messy like me. Not in the least. But if you are messy? Don’t feel badly about it! As long as your home doesn’t become a public health risk you’re okay. Really. Go out and enjoy your day. The dust will be there when you get back.


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