Twas The Night Before School…

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‘Twas the night before school and all through the house,

“Not a creature was stirring, not even a…

children in bed

(Who am I kidding the kitten’s going bonkers with a paper towel roll and the 15 year old just snuck into the kitchen for a snack.)

“The children were nestled all snug in their beds while visions of locker combos danced in their heads.

“Mama in her… nope still dressed, this kitchen ain’t cleaning itself! And Papa in his… truck, flight just got in.

“We had just settled in for a… Seriously… too much still to do, NO NAP!

Ah screw IT!

Kids go back to school tomorrow, the house looks like a bomb went off, the laundry’s backed up after staying on top of it ALL SUMMER mind you, there’s a toddler in my bed because I haven’t had a chance to remake his yet since the geriatric dog pooped on it (don’t worry the sheets have been stripped and cleaned on HOT, twice) and the senior’s school parking space is only 3/4 done because of a serious rain delay. But hey! My goal of healthy, home packed lunches has been met.

Meet my lunch fridge. That’s 5 days worth of lunches for 5 kids. This will be a regular Sunday night thing. They had a blast putting them together. They had to pick veggie, fruit, drink, protein, chips and a small sweet treat for each day. I think they’re excited because it’s not the same lunch day after day unless they want it to be. Oh and a semi decent shot of the senior parking space, because how’s a senior high school girl to park all school year if not in style?


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