Here’s The Video Of Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) From Stranger Things Shaving Her Head!

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I wasn’t going to watch Stranger Things. I thought it was going to be dumb, thought it was trending for no reason, thought it was just another repeat of a repeat and I Wan’t Buying In. A cross between ET and Firestarter? Um, nothanks.


One ENORMOUS binge later, I finished the entire first season.

Trust me – the hype isn’t just hype. I LOVED IT. Now, I realize it might not be for everyone, but since I ‘am’ a child of the 80’s, it TOTALLY was for me. Basically it tickled every single part of my lil’ 80’s heart and can I say – Matthew Modine. Wow, I missed him. So sad he was a completely awful baddie, but wow, I missed him.

Seriously, that kid OWNED that role. This is what she looked at the premier. Not even the same kid. Seriously, I call shenanigans.

Millie Bobby Brown

I don’t know what you have planned next, Millie, but I Truly can’t wait to see it!

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