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Who Is West Elm Caleb That Everyone Is Talking About?

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Okay let me start by saying – – total Jason Collier vibes.

So, you remember about a year ago when a guy boy named Jason Collier was caught having like 2 wives, 3 fiances, and 15 girlfriends? Well, this is throwing off some really similar vibes…

For starters, remember this name: West Elm Caleb.

Who Is West Elm Caleb?

West Elm Caleb is the name given by a group of women who claim they dated a guy 25-year-old guy named Caleb from New York who is furniture designer for West Elm.

Why is Everyone Talking About West Elm Caleb?

Well, according to multiple videos posted online, Caleb is an attractive guy who has done well on dating apps. He’d meet women, take them on romantic dates, was active in texting, even had Spotify playlists set up for his dates.


But then, he’d just ghost the women and move onto the next. YIKES.


The craziest part of it all was, these women started sharing their stories and realized that many times they had dates scheduled, Caleb was with one of the other girls.

The timelines seemed to overlap each other and similarities in the stories couldn’t go without notice.

TikTok / @meemshou / Via tiktok.com

In fact, in one video, posted by TikTok user kateglavan, she explains that she had a date planned in the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday and another girl had reached out to her letting her know that she was actually in Caleb’s bed that morning.

Now look, I get this is just dating and this guy can date as many women as he pleases BUT to lead women on, manipulate them, sleep with them and basically ghost them after is NOT cool by any means.

And if you know anything about TikTok or social media in general, if people want to find someone, they will. Oh and these women did…


Women from all over the country found out his real name, address and more and posted it all over the internet for the world to see.

Caleb has since been a ghost. He sort of went into hiding (I mean, can you blame him?) and hasn’t been seen or heard from since.


A lot of people seem to think that the internet being in uproar over this, has gotten out of hand and he didn’t deserve it.

Personally, I think men like this need to be exposed. Playing women isn’t cool and you can’t tell me he isn’t aware of what he is doing wrong.


And let’s be realistic here, if you don’t want to be called out for doing shady things, don’t be a crappy person. It’s pretty much that simple.

Hope West Elm Caleb has the day he deserves.

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  1. Those women got what they were looking for… deservedly so too;)

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