People Are Finding Pigeons Wearing Little Red Cowboy Hats In Las Vegas and Nobody Knows Why

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Somebody in Las Vegas has secured tiny red hats to the top of pigeons’ heads around town. There are at least TWO pigeons that we know of, but there may quite possibly be more.

It is not yet clear who was able to get the little red hats on these pigeons, known collectively as CLUCK NORRIS.

There is an animal rescue group in Vegas, Lofty Hopes, that is trying to catch the pigeons. They want to help the birds by taking the hats of their heads, but the pigeons have yet to comply.

I have so many questions! First of all, what ninja was able to capture these birds in the first place? I mean, the birds don’t seem too concerned about the little red hats.

The only feasible explanation for the hats sticking to the birds’ heads would be glue, but how in the world did they get the birds to stay still long enough to secure the hat?

As one person on Twitter asked, won’t the hat just fall off during one cycle of molting? I mean, I feel sorry for the bird, but that hat might just naturally fall off. Maybe that would be less traumatic than capturing him and pulling the hat off*.

These ‘cow’birds have been hanging out for a week, and seem to be eating and flying just fine.

Yes, it would probably suck to have a hat glued to your head. But, luckily, there doesn’t seem to be any major distress on the part of the birds.

If we look at all the evidence, and keep an open mind, there seems but one explanation**:

In all seriousness, we hope these birds get captured, and get the help they need really soon.

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Photo Credit: PetSmart

*I’m not dumb. I know they aren’t going to just pull the hat off.
**I also realize there is *probably* no way the pigeons put on the hats by themselves.

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