This Mop Dog Halloween Costume Is The CUTEST Costume Ever

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This dog wins Halloween. It’s a dog, that’s a mop. Get it?

Hungarian Pulis are known as the big “mop” dogs, and for good reason.

Their hair is naturally dreaded, which make them just about the coolest dog on the planet. It also gives them that shaggy “mop” appearance.

This Vet, known as Dr. Linda, was seen pushing this particularly moppy pooch in a Halloween parade for animals in Kentucky. The dog’s name is Keki, and he is just fantastic!

I’m just not even going to try with the costume this year, because there is no topping Keki as a mop!

In case you were wondering if Keki liked being a mop for Halloween, just look at that smile. I think I’m in love!

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Now if you’re now feeling inadequate for Halloween, maybe one of these retro costumes from Party City will help.

Via Party City

Retro costumes not your thing? Maybe you want to try one of these Stranger Things costumes from Party City instead.

Much like Keki, you can be cool for Halloween, too!

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