Here Is How To Order A Quesarito Off The Chipotle Secret Menu

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Ya’ll are going to want to sit down to hear this.

Chipotle, the restaurant known for its FRESH, Mexican-Inspired food, has a — wait for it — SECRET MENU.

I am a huge fan of the fresh Chipotle menu, and can’t help but love all the different combinations you can make with their food.

Now, I have ONE MORE thing I can add to my Chipotle rotation — THE QUESARITO!!

If you go in and ask for a Quesarito, they will take two burrito-sized flour tortilla, and melt mounds of cheese in between the tortillas to make a Quesadilla. They will then use THAT Quesadilla as the outer layer of your burrito.

The Quesarito tops out at a massive THREE POUNDS, and will keep you full all day — If you can even finish it in one sitting!

Just like any of their other burritos, you can get your fillings of choice in this MASSIVE burrito. Rice, beans, meat, salsa, MORE cheese, sour cream, lettuce — you can get whatever you want.

The only catch is that it will cost you $3.50 more than a normal burrito off their menu. WORTH IT!

I have to try this GIGANTIC burrito at least one time!!

This Quesarito could be lunch AND dinner — and then feed you for breakfast again the next morning!

Heck, I could get one of these, feed myself, and my kids, and have some left over!

What do you think? Will you be trying one of these Quesaritos off the Chipotle secret menu?

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