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This Artist Creates Sand Sculptures That Look Just Like Live Animals and They’re Incredible

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Some people just have this magical artistic ability. Like they can create something out of something in a way you could never imagine! I mean I know it all takes skill and practice, but it feels like there is a little bit of magic involved sometimes.

Andoni Bastarrika

There is a sculpture artist named Andoni Bastarrika and his medium is sand. Yes, SAND! Andoni takes this way beyond a sandcastle though.


He creates many things, most seem to be animals. Some of his creations are life-size and mindblowing!


He started working with sand in 2010 on a beach with his two daughters. Of course, having little girls, that first sculpture was a mermaid. Probably not this specific mermaid though.


He starts with damp sand and begins working with it until he finds out what it will be. Once he knows that he continues forming it and then uses a sharpened stick to define and detail his pieces.


Sometimes he adds other things like clay powder, coal, powder, stone powder, and ashes. This helps him to give them even more life with color from other natural elements.


The amount of time he spends on each piece depends on the size. Some take only 6 hours, others take a few days like this elephant!


Some of them he uses to send an environmental message to people. Especially those that litter and discard on the beaches. These pieces show what happens from people not caring.


I can not believe how realistic some of these pieces are. Like, if I saw this on the beach I would probably keep my distance for a bit until I could confirm it was either fake or dead! Seriously, look…


Imagine working so hard and then as it dries out, it slowly blows away and back to where it started. Amazing! I would love to see this in person! I would actually like to try it myself!


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