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We’re Going Green! (With the help of Repreve)

#sponsored waterbottleI’ve been talking a bit about going green with my daughter, and she’s in total agreement that we need to do this. They actually do a really good job covering recycling and such at school– so she’s all about making our world a better place. But, I want this lesson to be a cool one. Something that she will WANT to do, not just do it because she’s supposed to, and that’s where Repreve comes in.

And seriously, what’s cooler than an Olympic snowboarder rockin’ a beanie made out of water bottles?


And now this is her new obsession. We WILL have these awesome green beanies, and we WILL recycle– because HEY we’re cool. 🙂


Monday 23rd of December 2013

Hey, I wanted to show some mutual support, since I'm working on the same campaign. I'm dreaming of a "Green" Christmas... thanks for all you do for different blogging communities!