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This Magic Pool Fountain Changes Color and Provides Calming Water Sounds As You Swim

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If you have a swimming pool, then you’ll want to get this to add on to it! It’s a fountain that threads into your pool jet! It’s perfect for day and night use!


It’s called The Magic Pool Fountain. It’s made from strong and durable plastic and super easy to install.


It operates from your pool jet, so there is no need for batteries or electricity. It is completely water-powered from the pool jet! It gives you a total upgrade to your pool at an affordable price! It can also be used on in-ground as well as above-ground swimming pools!


At night you can see the amazing colorful lights shining through the fountain water! These are multi-colored LED Magic Bulbs. The lights are designed to change color every 5 seconds.


The bulbs for the lights are good for approximately 2,000 hours. You can totally get replacement bulbs in multi-colored, solid blue, and solid green when you need to replace them.


This is a quick and easy way to add a fountain to your pool. I love this item. It was so easy to install and I love the sound of the water. No batteries, no electric! Great product.

Amazon Customer

You can get your own Magic Pool Fountain on Amazon for only $69.95! If only I still had a pool!


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