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You Can Get Succulents That Look Exactly Like Baby Bear Paws And They’re Beary Cute

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Do you want to know why I adore succulents so much? They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, bold colors AND many of them look like animals we’re familiar with.

For example, we’ve got the alligator mouth succulent, a dolphin succulent and there’s even a mermaid tail look alike out there!

Courtesy of @LilyParadiseFlowers

So while you’re deciding which animal-like succulent to purchase for your home, here’s introducing, the bear paw succulent.


These plants look like paws from a baby bear and they are adorable for any mountain house home.


Also known as Cotyledon Tomentosa, this type of succulent has fuzzy thick leaves with red claw tips which sell the bear paw look for sure.

During the spring time, the bear claw succulent will sprout a flower that can either be orange, yellow and sometimes red.


Interested in how to take care of your bear claw?

Sit the succulent in a well light area and in draining soil, according to @LilyParadiseFlowers.

The Etsy account is selling the succulents for $8.75 a piece. The seller also mentions that some of the succulents are shipped in a pot while some are not. This is to avoid any damage to the plant.

You can also purchase bear claw succulents off of Amazon for 29 dollars.


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