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You Can Get A Starbucks Conversation Heart Cup That Glows In The Dark

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*Adds to cart* This just has to be part of your Starbucks collection (especially if you collect Starbucks cups).


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, You Can Get A Starbucks Conversation Heart Cup That Glows In The Dark!!


This beautiful cold cup is a whopping 24 oz. and is a black matte background with the Starbucks logo and colorful, glow-in-the-dark vinyl with conversation hearts all over it.


Simply place this adorable cup in the dark and watch the cup come to life!


Now, it is important to note that this is NOT an official Starbucks cup. It is handmade by a shop on Etsy so don’t go make a mad dash to find it in-store.


According to the description:

Upgrade your daily cup with this glow in the dark candy hearts cup! These matte black tumblers are decorated with four different colors of matte glow in the dark vinyl. The first photo shows the same side of the tumbler in light as well as in the dark, showcasing the different colors each heart will change to when glowing. Grab one of these beautiful tumblers to enjoy not just for the holiday, but you can also show it off year round!


If you are needing one of these cups as much as I do, you can grab this Starbucks Glow-In-The-Dark Conversation Heart Cup here.

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