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These Starbucks Inspired Halloween Studded Tumblers Are The Only Thing I’ll Be Sipping Out Of For Halloween

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I’m going to have to have another cabinet built to store all of my fun mugs and tumblers at this point!

CstmCrftsCreations2 – Etsy

These Halloween designs are a must-have for me, these are the matte studded tumblers and they look just like the ones that Starbucks has sold.

CstmCrftsCreations2 – Etsy

But, they’re even better because they feature some fun Halloween designs including Jack Skellington YAY!


These Starbucks-inspired matte studded tumblers will hold 24 oz of your favorite cold drink and your drink will stay cold longer since this is a double-wall tumbler.

CstmCrftsCreations2 – Etsy

When Starbucks had released their own studded tumblers they were flying off the shelves, but these knock-offs are so much cooler with the custom looks you can get.

CstmCrftsCreations2 – Etsy

The only thing that is really different with these tumblers is that they don’t have a Starbucks logo on them, and that’s not a big deal for me.

I would rather have fun designs than the logo of the coffee shop.

This listing has three different designs available:

  • Jack
  • Sally
  • Holographic Orange Skeleton Siren
CstmCrftsCreations2 – Etsy

Right now they are sold out of the Sally design, but that doesn’t mean it won’t restock.

You can one of each or just the one you want from CstmCrftsCreations2 on Etsy!

CstmCrftsCreations2 – Etsy

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