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Target Employees Are Being Fired For Buying Limited-Edition Stanley Tumblers. Here’s Why.

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Stanley Tumbler mania is in full swing — and if you have purchased one, you have bought into the craze.

I’m not saying that’s a bad thing — I like Stanley Tumblers just as much as the next person.

But, there is one group of people that are actually getting the boot from their jobs for purchasing Stanley Tumblers.

Target employees are claiming that they have been fired for purchasing the much in demand limited-edition tumblers — like the Valentine’s Stanley Tumbler that caused frenzy and fights in stores.

This might seem crazy and insane, but there’s actually a reason for the rule.

If you read the small print in the Target employee handbook, it states that purchasing “high demand merchandise” is strictly prohibited.

Why? The customer always comes first, right?!?

Team members cannot use their status to gain an unfair advantage over guests when it comes to purchasing merchandise.

Target Employees Handbook

If the Target employees scoop up all the Stanley Tumblers that come off the truck before the store even opens, they won’t have enough tumblers for the Target shoppers.

Not to mention, Target employees probably get a discount on said tumblers.

Target Employees Are Getting Fired For Buying Stanley Tumblers

Why sell a Stanley Tumbler at a discount, when they can sell it for full price, right?!?

There have been instances where Target stores had small restocks of the limited-edition Stanley Tumblers, but none of them ever actually made it to the floor.

Target employees scooped them all up before they could be stocked.

Sure, Stanley Tumblers are amazing and right on the forefront of fashion accessories, but are they worth losing your job over?

Um — I’m guessing there are plenty of Target employees out there who will choose a hot Stanley Tumbler over coming to work 5 days a week at a store where they have to deal with people.

You do you, boo. But, there are plenty of other ways to get a super hot Stanley Tumbler!

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