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This Is How To Help Prevent Your Baby From Getting The Coronavirus

Here are some important tips to help prevent your infant from contracting The Coronavirus.

First and foremost, babies touch everything. Especially their parents and caretakers.

It is extremely important for us to be washing and sanitizing our hands as often as possible and even more important when caring for an infant.

It’s also a good idea to be washing your baby’s hands with soap and water (hand sanitizer is too harsh).

You should be washing their faces and objects they touch such as toys, car seats, and pacifiers as frequently as possible.

Daycare poses a breeding ground for the virus as babies tend to share everything, they chew on a toy and pass it along!

If possible it is recommended to avoid daycare until the virus is controlled. But if daycare is unavoidable be sure to wash their hands and face thoroughly after picking them up.

I highly recommend stocking up on diapers and wipes if possible, at least a minimum of 2-3 weeks worth.

People tend to panic and buy everything in sight and we never know how long it will be until shelves are restocked.

So if they are available its a good idea to buy an extra case or two.

If you are breastfeeding and contract the virus yourself, don’t stop nursing your baby!

Breastmilk provides antibodies that will boost your baby’s immune system to better fight off the virus.

If your baby is formula-fed you need to be taking extra precautions when making bottles, as it’s easy to introduce bacteria into the formula.

Before preparing your baby’s bottle wash your hands thoroughly and sanitize your bottles in boiling water after every use.

Formula is also another item you need to be sure to stock up on because people are overbuying.

Last but not least, try to avoid asking anyone over the age of 60 to care for your baby.

Baby’s are less likely to show symptoms and can transmit it to their grandparents easily because they tend to drool and touch faces a lot.

Try not to panic and remember that your baby is very unlikely to end up contracting the Coronavirus. Keep yours as well as your baby’s hands clean and stay away from human contact as much as possible.

This too shall pass, stay clean, and stay safe.