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This Lady Turned A Tiny Home Into A Hair Salon And It Is Incredible

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This lady bought a Tiny House, and turned it into her very own beautiful hair salon.

She is pretty much a genius.

Just think. She bought this Tiny House outright. That means she doesn’t have the weight of a mortgage, and she doesn’t have a dreaded monthly rent payment.

All her profits are pretty much free and clear. Besides supplies, electricity, maybe some internet, and maybe water, she wouldn’t have to pay for much else during a month!

Now, I’m not sure what she paid to get it up and ready to be a salon, but that would be a one-time fee.

Can we just take a moment to admire the inside of this Tiny House? It is GORGEOUS!!

This is totally something you could do, too!!

Just think of the possibilities. Sure, there are “She Sheds” and “He Sheds,” but think beyond that.

Maybe you make and sell things. You sure need a space to make those sales happen. Instead of renting a small space from someone else, you could totally make your own “store” out of a Tiny House!

Wouldn’t this be FANTASTIC to set up a little clothing closet? Like, where you collect used clothing, and then hand it out to people who need it.

Gah!! I so want to do that!!

How do you get a Tiny House?

That’s the easy part. You get a DIY Tiny House Kit at Home Depot.

They have multiple houses to choose from, and you can get a 12 foot by 20 foot model for less than $5,000.

Home Depot

They have bigger models, like this 12 foot by 24 foot, 2-story Tiny House that runs just over $10,000, but it really depends what you need it for.

Home Depot

You can buy models that are already built, but that’s going to cost you quite a bit more. You can do a Google search for Tiny Homes in your area to find a dealer close to you that sells them.

One thing is for sure. If you get a Tiny House for your business, we want to see the completed project!!

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