Here’s a Cool Trick for Saving Money in 2020

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I am, admittedly, the WORST at saving money. I am TIRED of living paycheck to paycheck. 2020 is going to be my year to get ahead!

But, how? I have tried just setting money back from each paycheck. That never works.

I end up spending it on necessities — like Bath & Body Works sales, Disney+ Subscriptions, kick-ass Monopoly games, or a hundred different Starbucks Secret Menu Frappuccinos.

LogicFinance on TikTok has come up with a pretty cool idea to help save money every month. I think I may actually be able to buckle down, and do some of these things!

The idea is that you DON’T try to cut out everything all year. You still enjoy all your favorite things, you just cut ONE THING out every month.

I could do that! You get creative, and tailor it to your lifestyle. So like, there is NO WAY I am taking cold showers for a month — let’s get real! To fit my life, maybe in June, when he suggests taking cold showers, I will change it to something like “No Online Shopping.”

This could potentially save so much money! The key is, you don’t SPEND the money you just saved on other things that deplete your account. That is where I would get in trouble! In my case, I may have to set up a savings account where I deposit this money, and then DON’T touch it!

It would help to have a LITTLE BIT of an emergency fund — like two of my tires just went bad. I don’t want to end up using this money I JUST saved for the month on tires. I know it would be tough to have a few hundred dollars available for emergencies, but it will totally help in the long run.

Saving, the LocalFinance way, would totally help me be more conscious of where my money goes! I wouldn’t want to give up something I love, just to spend the money on, say, pizza.

I can totally do this. What do you think? Will you try it, too?

Check out the LogicalFinance TikTok video below.


Makes saving money like a game and doesn’t mean you cut out luxuries forever. #fyp #foryou #money #saving #game #2020

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