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You Can Get A Giant Llama-Corn Sprinkler and I Need It

When it comes to summer fun, we are covering it from every angle! From giant unicorn floating islands, to horse-drawn carriage floats… we are finding them! Let’s make this a fantastic summer for outdoor play!

All kids pretty much love sprinklers right? Especially gigantic mythical type creatures! I know we are all about fun here at my house! So giant imaginary creatures fit right in!


Now, this is the ultimate! You can totally get a giant llama sprinkler!

Now, personally I would prefer an alpaca sprinkler because alpacas are much cuter and nicer, but that is just my personal opinion. I can pretend this is an alpaca though.

Not only is it a llama, but it is a llama-corn which is extra magical and special This baby has a HORN!

The Banzai Llama-Corn Mondo Sprinkler is 46″ x 100″ x 76″ when inflated!

This is sure to spark a ton of imaginative play as an outdoor summer activity. Perfect for birthday parties, BBQs, and everyday summer fun!

You can get your own llama-corn giant sprinkler online from Walmart for only $54.24! What do you think? Would your kids love it? I’m still trying to decide which giant sprinkler to get for my kids.