People Are Putting LEGO’s In Their Dishwasher And I’m Doing It Now

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Parents have the smartest ideas and when I learned that People Are Putting LEGO’s In Their Dishwasher, I went to give it a try myself. In fact, I am doing it now.

LEGO’s are known for being sturdy little bricks that can withstand all sorts of pressure. Heck, we can step on them without having a single scratch on the LEGO (if you’ve ever stepped on one you know the pain all too well).

But the one thing they lack is, ease of cleaning.

That’s where people thought of a brilliant way to clean and disinfect the popular building blocks, by putting them in their dishwasher!

You should know that this isn’t officially recommended nor approved by the LEGO brand in any way.

But the idea is that you place the LEGO’s into a laundry bag or something with small holes so the LEGO’s can’t slip through. Then place the bag into your dishwasher or washer and wash on normal cycle. Just ensure the bag of LEGO’s is away from the hot coils (typically safe in the top rack of a dishwasher).

You can then remove and allow to air dry having clean LEGO’s that look like new!

I tried it myself and was able to fit LEGO’s into our baby bottle basket. I just ensured I didn’t place any tiny pieces into it so they wouldn’t fall to the bottom.

Seems like people have been trying this for years. So, have you tried it?

I personally think this is a fabulous idea especially for schools and in-home daycares. Gets rid of germs!!

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