Sam’s Club Is Selling Popcorn Coated In Snickers Candy For Ultimate Movie Night Snack

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This is the ULTIMATE in comfort snack food, right here…SNICKERS Popcorn!

It is at Sam’s Club, and I might be sitting in their parking lot, waiting for them to open.

Courtesy of Sam’s Club

The salty crunch of the popcorn is drizzled with the chocolate, caramel, and peanuty goodness of the Snickers bar. OMG — I need this in my life right now!

Candy Pop combines two of America’s snacks into one mouthwatering popcorn. Snickers Candy Pop is a slightly indulgent popcorn that offers a balanced sweet and savory product for the whole family to enjoy.

SAM’S Club

You might be thinking, “Oh my word, I could never eat that on my diet,” but to that I say, “OH Nay, Nay!”

Courtesy of Sam’s Club

This delicious sweet and salty treat has only 150 calories per servings, which means you can fit it in to ANY diet — Especially a quarantine diet! Ha!

Courtesy of Sam’s Club

Unfortunately — why is there ALWAYS and “unfortunately?!?” — you can’t just walk into any ol’ grocery store and get this sinful snack.

You can ONLY get it at SAM’S Club, so it might be high time to re-up that membership you let lapse a few months back.

The GOOD news is, this giant, Sam’s Club sized bag (20 ounces) is only $6. I’ll take 3, please!

Courtesy of Sam’s Club

Want to try another heavenly snack concoction? Check out this Oreo Cookie Popcorn that you can get from SAM’S Club at the SAME time you go to grab your Snickers Popcorn!

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