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These $450 Big Yellow Boots Are Breaking The Internet And I Kinda Want Them

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The world of high fashion is going crazy over the latest collab between MSCHF and Crocs.

Remember MSCHF? They are the ones who came up with those cartoon-esque Big Red Boots that everyone was going crazy over last year.

Now, they have teamed up with Crocs to create these Big Yellow Boots.

People are rocking these giant, yellow, rubber boots that have not-so-subtle hints of Croc shoes. And y’all, I actually want them!

These Big Yellow Boots kinda resemble the Big Red Boots, but they have that iconic Crocs hole pattern and a sporty strap.

Are these Big Yellow Boots high fashion or wearable art? MSCHF and Crocs would have you believe they are a bit of both.

Celebrities are going crazy for these Big Yellow Boots, and now they have been spotted out in the real world!

These Big Yellow Boots just dropped on August 9th, and they are already breaking the internet.

The Big Yellow Boots are definitely a statement piece reminiscent of SpongeBob or Big Bird, right?!?

They are hideous and loud, and why do I want them so badly?

Now, if you want to get your hands on these Big Yellow Boots, you can head on over to the MSCHF website.

But, I’m warning you, they are selling out quickly.

Your other choice is to check out a third-party seller somewhere like eBay.

Of course, they are going to jack up the price on you. Right now, they can be found for close to $1K a pair.

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