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People Are Turning Altoids Mint Tins Into Tiny Metal Wallets And They Are Adorable

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It’s always fun to upcycle old things and turn them into something useful and fun, but this is next-level awesome.

People are turning Altoids mint tins into tiny metal wallets, and I am in love.

These tins can actually carry quite a lot, and people are stashing things like headphones, money, lip gloss, hair ties, and change in their new metal wallets.

Some people just take the Altoids mint tin as is, and stuff their belongings inside.

But, some people are getting über creative, and decorating the insides with stickers, baubles, beads, and even mirrors.

I see a weekend craft in my future!!

How To Make An Altoids Mint Tin Wallet

First, obviously, you’re going to need an Altoids mint tin. You can find them at Walmart HERE.

Get a standard sized tin, not one of the tins that hold the mini Altoids.


Now, you’re going to take the mints out of the inside. Eat them, throw them into a zip lock, trash them — it really doesn’t matter. You won’t need them.

Then you want to clean the mint dust out of the inside of the container. A dry paper towel works wonders.

Next, you’re going to gather up your favorite stickers, knickknacks, baubles — the ideas are endless.

You can watch some videos on how others have decorated their tins, and get some good ideas.

But, basically, you want to decorate it, and make it your own.

Use your style and the things you love.

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