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People Are Making Butter Candles To Eat With Bread And I’m Making One Right Now

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My little foodie heart is jumping for joy right now.

People are making candles out of butter, and then dipping their bread and crackers into the melty part.

I’m not even joking right now, it’s like food porn. It looks delish!!

There are so many options with this butter, it’s insanity.

You can just use standard butter — salted is my fave — or you can add things like garlic, brown sugar, rosemary, Italian seasoning, chives, or whatever you think might go amazingly with butter.

And, they are quite easy to make, but people are going to think you are a culinary wizard.

How To Make The Viral Butter Candles

You’re going to start with a Solo Cup and a wick — which you can find on Amazon HERE.

Poke a small hole in the bottom of the Solo Cup, and thread the wick up inside the cup.

Now, you want to prepare your butter.

Mix into 2 sticks of soft butter whatever your little heart desires.

Spoon that butter into your Solo Cup, making sure the wick sticks out of the middle of the butter.

Stick the Solo Cup with the butter into the freezer or refrigerator, just to make it firm up a bit.

When the butter gets hard, cut the Solo Cup from around the butter candle.

You can either make a hole in a loaf of crusty bread, and stick the candle down inside, or you can place the candle on a plate, and surround it with dippable goodies.

Now, light the wick, and watch the butter melt.

As the butter melts, you dredge your tasty dippers into the melty butter.

This is actually something I think I could handle.

I’m not a wiz at charcuterie boards, but I can make a butter candle and surround it with tasty dippable morsels!

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