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Trump Says He’s 6’3″ And Weighs 215 Pounds, But The Men Of TikTok Just Proved Him Wrong

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Trump has said some — shall we say — wacky things throughout the years, so I’m not even sure why this surprises me.

He has gone on record — during his jail booking Thursday — as saying he is 6 foot 3 and weighs 215 pounds.

Mmmm kay.

Let’s just go ahead and say that he would have the body of a professional football player — and he does not.

According to Yahoo Entertainment, Trump told the cops he weighed 240 pounds when he was booked in New York back in April.

I’d say that’s a bit closer to the truth — but maybe still not quite right.

Now guys are taking to TikTok to show what an ACTUAL 6 foot 3 dude at 215 weighs — and the results are hilarious.

One TikToker, alex_dbrow, hit the nail on the head when he said “the math ain’t mathin’.”

Tom_behmer filmed a TikTok of himself at 6 foot 4 and 220 pounds, so maybe that will give you a little context into why I personally think Trump wasn’t being honest about his height and weight.

Trump is definitely not a tall and slender dude.

Now, there’s really nothing wrong with being a little fluffy — but don’t straight-up lie about it.

Progressivetok23 simply says “Ain’t no way this man is 6’3 215 pounds.”


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