You Can Get A Tutu for Your Chicken So It Always Looks Pretty

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If you have a Chicken and you’re not dressing it up in Tutu’s then what are you even doing with your life? Ha.

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In all seriousness, You Can Get A Tutu for Your Chicken So It Always Looks Pretty. I call dibs on the rainbow one (and I don’t even have a chicken yet).

Chicken Tutus are not a new thing so don’t feel silly if you jump onto the bandwagon to get one.

In fact, browsing Instagram’s hashtag #chickentutu you’ll see all sorts of cute chickens dressed in Tutus. Yup, it’s very much a thing.

Amazon is selling several different options. My favorite is this hot pink chicken tutu

And this rainbow tutu. Both ship free for prime members.

I find these chicken tutus ADORABLE. Go get one of these tutus and while you’re there, grab this Chicken Harness because you can take your chicken dressed in a tutu, on walks. YESSSSS!

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