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President Biden Just Broke The Internet With His 4 Word Response To Trump’s Mugshot

We’ve all seen it by now …

That slightly psychotic mugshot of Trump being booked in Georgia on Thursday.

He looks kinda like a Disney villain, does he not?!?

Come on. You see it, too.

But, President Biden was asked what he thought about Trump’s mugshot, and his response is breaking the internet…

It’s dripping with shade — and I love it!! LOL!!

Biden has been vacationing in Lake Tahoe, California. While on the street, he was stopped by reporters asking if he’d seen the Trump mugshot.

I did see it on television.

President Biden

But wait. That’s not the funny part.

One of the reporters straight-up asked President Biden what he thought of the mugshot, and Biden had the best answer ever.

It was very politically correct, and totally insincere — I can’t stop laughing.

Handsome guy. Wonderful guy.

President Biden

That’s all you had to say, Mr. President. We got you.

What do you think of Biden’s quick response to the infamous Trump mugshot?