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‘Tis The Season For Herr’s Peppermint Puffs And I’m So Ready To Taste Them

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Herr’s makes some of my favorite snacks around!


Whether they are the crunchy Blue Cotton Candy balls, the Funnel Cake balls, or even the Dippin’ Dots Cookies and Cream balls, I have to have all the Herr’s tasty treats!


Every holiday season, I have to get my taste buds ready, because Herr’s brings out their Peppermint Puffs, and OMG!! They are so good!!

Courtesy of Walmart

I will admit, it was a little weird at first to get past the texture of a crunchy peppermint ball, but about 2 seconds into trying them for the first time, I was hooked!!


The taste profile is a little bit of vanilla, mixed with a lot a bit of peppermint, and it is absolutely divine. Pretty much everyone I know that has tried them has said they are EXCELLENT!!

Courtesy of Walmart

Now, I will admit, I’m glad that these only come out during the holidays, because I really like that I get to wait all year for this seasonal flavor! It reminds me that Christmas is right around the corner, and I love it!


The GREAT, FANTASTIC, TERRIFIC news is that these Peppermint Puffs have started arriving in stores!! It’s too early, you say?? Nay-nay, I say!! It’s time!


These Peppermint Puffs have been seen at Walmart, Five Below, Big Lots, and some other grocery retailers. They are generally between $2 and $3, and they are only here for a very limited time!

Courtesy of Walmart

Just give it a bit of time, and you should start seeing these WHEREVER you normally get your Herr’s snacks!


Now, I love these Peppermint Puffs during the holidays, but there is NOTHING stopping me from enjoying my other Herr’s favorites the rest of the year! Bring ’em on, I say!


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