Move Over Cheese Balls, Blue Cotton Candy Balls Are Here To Take The Crunchy Snack To The Next Level

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Herr’s is famously known for their giant tub of Cheese Balls.

I could eat those bad boys by the handful! But, have you seen the Herr’s giant tub of blue balls — heehee — ?

Herr’s has a Big Ol’ tub of Cotton Candy flavored balls — I mean round spheres!!

They are sweet, just like the candy we LOVE, but they have that famous Herr’s crunch.


I love Cotton Candy! It reminds me of the State Fair of Texas — which is my SECOND favorite place on earth, next to Disney World.

The Fair has Cotton Candy Macarons that are To. Die. For. You can try to make them for yourself at home.

I digress — Herr’s Cotton Candy Blue Balls are a must-try item!


They have gotten great reviews on Social Media. One look on Instagram shows a plethora of Cotton Candy Blue Ball taste testers — Oh, my. That sounded so wrong.


I will admit, I was very skeptical about these big balls — Oh, lord — of blue crunch when I first saw them — for so, so many reasons.

I made my kids volunteer as tribute to taste the blue spheres that claimed to be Cotton Candy flavor.

The results? The little ones took off running with the tub. I had to hunt them down to try the Cotton Candy Balls. The kids didn’t want to share!

Can I call these TEAL balls? Blue balls just sounds so — wrong. It’s incredibly hard to talk about giant blue balls that taste so sweet — without sounding like a teenage boy. Oy.

They might look — and sound — odd, but they are actually very tasty.

You have to try them for yourself. I promise, they are pretty good. Think giant cereal bits, and you may not giggle when you pop them in your mouth.

They are very reminiscent of Cotton Candy Cap’n Crunch cereal.

To try these teal balls of tastiness, you can try your local grocery store. If you don’t have luck finding them, you can always get them at Big Lots.

If you prefer the cheesy variety, you can get them at Walmart.

Get Your Giant Tub Of Herr’s Cheese Balls At Walmart

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