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This Premature Baby Hippo Is All I Care About This Summer

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While a lot of you were obsessed about a pregnant giraffe, I’ve been over here following along with the story of Fiona, a baby Nile hippo born around three months premature. Let’s be honest, babies are just about the most globally captivating thing, so I understand the people glued to their screens for a chance to see a giraffe give birth. But what do we love more than that? An underdog story. Seriously, my family and friends will have to fend for themselves because this premature baby hippo is all I care about this summer. 

This Premature Baby Hippo Is All I Care About This Summer


Fiona was born to a seventeen year old mamma at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden in January. The baby was so weak it couldn’t stand on its own and had to be cared for by zoo medical staff. The videos and pictures of baby Fiona’s milestones and growth have been an unending source of joy. I mean, who doesn’t get a huge case of the warm fuzzies watching a miniature version of one of the world’s deadliest creatures taking their first steps?


I’m to the point where I honestly have alerts set for whenever the Cincinati Zoo posts on Facebook so that I can get Fiona updates as soon as possible. Because she isn’t quite so tiny any more! I mean, she’s gone from the size of my Maine Coon to outweighing me. Check out this fantastic video of Fiona exploring the out door habitat she’ll share with her parents someday.


And her mom? Fiona and Bibi are interacting! As an animal person this has been one of my secret fears, that Fiona’s mother wouldn’t accept this mini-me into their social structure. Zoo updates indicate that mama and baby are getting to know each other and even being friendly. Check out this hippo hello!


Now don’t you really want a hippopotamus for Christmas?

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