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Dippin’ Dots Now Released Cookies ‘N Cream Snack Balls and I Need Them In My Life

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Any other Dippin’ Dots fans in the house? I can’t lie…I get them every time I go to the mall. I may not go along with all this “Ice Cream of the Future” stuff, but man is it good!

Dippin’ Dots

Their franchise has decided to expand their horizons to bring us this new little goodie…snack balls.


I’m not gonna lie…I’m kind of skeptical here. Dippin’ Dots are pretty much impossible to replicate. So unless you’re planning to buy a Dippin’ Dots Maker (Which I still don’t think will quite make them perfect), you can’t just go changing it up on us!


But, due to the fact I have loved and cherished dippin’ dots since I was a kid, enough to buy these socks (don’t judge!), I am definitely willing to give any of their new creations a try.


Herr’s, a company that normally does cheese balls has teamed up with Dippin’ Dots to give us this masterpiece: Cookies ‘n Cream Snack Balls 


The Herr’s Dippin’ Dots Cookies ‘n Cream Snack Balls are available on the Herr’s website. You can order a dozen 5-ounce bags for $35.88. There’s no word where you’ll be able to find them in stores, but Instagram account @frontpagefoodfinds them at Gerrity’s, a supermarket chain in Pennsylvania, for $2.99!


So even though you’re used to eating those tiny balls of ice cream, maybe you’ve even had the Cookies ‘n Cream flavor, which is “America’s #1 most wanted Dippin’ Dots flavor,” according to the brand, get ready to try the crunchy snack-ball version of this masterpiece.


How you gotten your hand on some of these? What do they taste like? Thumbs up or down? Comment below!


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