You Can Get Orchids That Look Like Owl Faces And I Need Them In My Life

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There is an orchid that exists, and it looks like an owl face staring at you from the middle of the flower. It’s the COOLEST thing!

I love flowers that resemble animals. It’s nature’s cool way of adapting each plant, making it perfectly designed for pollination, predators, and being just plain pretty.

This PARTICULAR orchid is called a Miltoniopsis Lila Fearneyhough, and once it blooms, it has flower petals that share a striking resemblance to a beautiful pink, red, and burgundy owl.


It is pretty dang rare. In fact, if you do a Google search for “Owl Orchid,” you will find a bunch of paintings, but you will be hard pressed to find the actual orchid, itself.


No worries, my friend. We found one, FINALLY, on Etsy. RitterOrchids is selling a flowering sized plant, and it will have at least TWO spikey blooms.

Courtesy of RitterOrchids on Etsy

Once the Owl Orchid blooms, it will last about 6 weeks. It is also a very fragrant flower — which are my FAVORITE kind!

Courtesy of RitterOrchids on Etsy

You can expect this beauty to bloom in the spring and fall, and make sure you keep it OUT of direct sunlight — kinda like me. Ha!


Ritterorchids, on Etsy, has these LIVE plants for $45, and you can get up to 2. They go pretty fast, so if you want one, go get it NOW.


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