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Aldi Is Selling $4 Halloween Pumpkin Shaped Pizzas So Dinner Can Be Spooktacular

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OMG!! Aldi has Pumpkin Shaped Pizzas, and there’s about to be a Halloween family fun night pizza party at my house!

I am already in LOVE with the playful Halloween Food Boards, but this Pumpkin Shaped Pizza would make a GREAT meal on the side. My teenager may actually like me again — I’m not beyond bribing her with a fun pizza!


And, y’all! You can’t beat this price: FOUR BUCKS! What?!? I’ll take five, please! I can load up my freezer with Pumpkin Shaped Pizzas, and pull one out for a fun pizza night whenever I want!


Do y’all remember the Heart-Shaped Pizza that Aldi carried at Valentines Day? You can always count on Aldi to bring their ‘A’ game to the holiday seasons. Gah! I love it!!


These Pumpkin Shaped Pizzas are getting GREAT reviews all across social media. People are saying the taste is great, and the decorating you do on the face of the pizza is so much fun.

Now, these Pumpkin Shaped Pizzas don’t come with your traditional red pizza sauce. Just go with it — I promise it’s good! You can even ADD things like pepperoni, peppers, or *shock* pineapple — which DOES belong on pizza! (You can also add things that DON’T start with the letter ‘P’)


Halloween Pumpkin Shaped Pizza: a crispy crust topped with a creamy butternut squash sauce, cheddar cheese, mozzarella eyes, and a mascarpone cheese sauce.

Front of the Pumpkin Shaped Pizza Box

I am so hungry right now!! That’s the hard part about writing about pizza — you immediately want it, hot and crispy, on a serving plate. I should have bought MORE Pumpkin Shaped Pizzas when I was at Aldi today!


Go get YOUR Pumpkin Shaped Pizza before they are gone. You know how Aldi is. They have GREAT products, but they are always in limited supply. What’s there today, may be GONE tomorrow.

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