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Move Over Whipped Coffee, This 3-Ingredient Iced Coffee Is The Perfect Morning Pick Me Up

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Now, I don’t really “get” a lot of the TikTok app. Maybe it’s because I don’t dance, and I don’t have time to spend hours lip syncing to a set track.

I DO however love TikTok for their genius hacks, tips, and tricks. We have learned SO many things, from how to make an egg sandwich, to putting on mascara, to making cloud bread, and everything in between.

Courtesy of @abimhn on TikTok

NOW, there is a genius on TikTok, @katielopynski, who has come up with a super simple way to make iced coffee. I’m not talking about that Dalgona Coffee that went viral for five minutes (It was good, wasn’t it!). I’m talking about straight-up iced coffee with cream.

I’m not going to lie. I have to have coffee every. single. morning. I prefer that coffee to be an iced version — even on cold days. Don’t judge, that’s my business.

Then, I saw this TikTok video for making iced coffee, and it was like a “lightbulb moment” for my coffee craving self. So easy, yet so effective!

So, here is how @katielopynski makes iced coffee.

I’m kind of assuming she brews up coffee. I KNOW for certain she then freezes that coffee. She uses this ice cube tray that makes tiny little ice cubes, and I’m not going to lie. I’m jealous.

Courtesy of @katielopynski

I found one that’s kinda similar on Amazon, so you best believe it is going in my virtual cart!

Courtesy of Amazon

After @katielopynski gets a good freeze on the now frozen coffee, she puts the coffee cubes into a cup.

Courtesy of @katielopynski

She then fills that cup with — she used oat milk. I would probably use good old 1% milk, but that’s just how I role.

Courtesy of @katielopynski

Then, she appears to put some kind of frothed milk on top (my eyes could be mistaken. What do YOU think?

She finishes off the drink with a hearty sprinkling of cinnamon, and sticks a straw down inside the drink.


THAT IS IT!! I can’t believe how quick and easy making this iced coffee can be!

Watch @katilopynski’s TikTok video below.


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