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Aldi Is Selling $7 Bottles of Ready-To-Drink Margarita Wine and I’m On My Way

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I love love love to drink margaritas. Especially a frozen one, or simply ice cold poured over crushed ice! However, I try to avoid tequila because, well… eh, I’m not going to tell that story here…

Anyhow, when I spotted this Zarita Margarita Wine at Aldi and saw the price, I had to give it a try. I mean it couldn’t actually taste like a margarita right? Or could it?


Well, it actually does and it is my new favorite summer drink! I’m not even really a wine drinker. This tastes so much like the real deal that I can not believe that it doesn’t have tequila in it.


How did they manage this magical drink? Can anyone tell me? It has my tastebuds fooled! It is so good that it is often sold out, so when I see it, I snatch it up fast!


The Zarita Margarita ready to drink wine cocktail is made with 100% De Agave wine. It has real lime juice for that perfect kick! It has a 13.9% alcohol volume.

If you are on the hunt for a tasty ready-made cocktail for this weekend, I highly recommend you head over to Aldi and pick a few bottles of this up! You won’t regret it!


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  1. Would like to order one case of the Zareita Margarita

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