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This TikTok Mascara Hack Makes It Look Like You Have On Falsies

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My sister is obsessed with TikTok. I’m not going to lie, I don’t get it. I mean, I understand the tips, tricks, finds, and hacks. But, the dancing and lip syncing — I’m too old, I think.

Also, I’ve been alive for a lot of years, I pretty much know how to put makeup on my eyeballs. I could be driving down the road with one hand tied behind my back, and I can get my lashes done! I mean, don’t do that. But, I totally could.

There is a TikTok video out there, though, that is all about putting mascara on, and I’m going to be honest — I don’t know if it’s genius, or just a big mess.

Courtesy of @spitcyyy on TikTok

@spitcyyyy on TikTok, has taken to the social media platform, to show how she makes her eyelashes look like falsies. I must admit, the outcome is gorgeous, but the way she got there made my OCD tendencies stand on high alert.

Courtesy of @spitcyyy on TikTok

“I cannot be the only psycho in the world that does this,” she starts the video. Then she applies exactly 4.7 million layers of mascara on her eye hairs and eyelids. You may need to look away.

Courtesy of @spitcyyy on TikTok

She then shows that she takes Q-tips, and removes the excess mascara gunk on her eyelids.

Courtesy of @spitcyyy on TikTok

When she shows the results, you have to admit, it works. I don’t know if I PERSONALLY could slather all that gooey mascara on my eyelids, but if it works for you, go for it, right?

Courtesy of @spitcyyy on TikTok

Watch the TikTok video by @spitcyyy, and tell me what you think. Worth it? Too big of a mess? Mind blown?


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