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Costco Is Testing A New Way to Prove You Are A Member Before Entering The Store

Costco is following closely behind Netflix. 

Rather memberships than passwords, Costco is doing what Netflix has already done.

In order to prevent non-members from sneaking into Costco stores with membership cards that don’t belong to them, (especially at self-checkout), Costco has come up with a new process in hopes to stop this pattern.

Since the pandemic, more people have been sharing memberships according to Costco’s finance chief Richard Galanti, who recently told CNN.

Now if you regularly shop at Costco, you know that its common for the grocery giant to check memberships cards before in stores.

However, Costco has made a slight change to that routine.

Alongside showing an employee your membership card, Costco has also recently started asking cardholders for their photo ID too.

Although the process doesn’t just stop there.

Costco will now be testing out a new system that requires members to scan their cards at store entrances, rather than simply flashing their card to an employee.

Although this new system, will only be at select stores, for now.