Here’s How You Can Use Your $1,200 Check

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It has been announced that we should start receiving our stimulus checks very soon.

For many, this is a welcome reprieve, as so many people are now unemployed due to staying home and social distancing.

So, what can you do with your check to make it go as “far” as possible? How can we use our checks in a practical way, that makes our lives a bit easier?

10 Practical Ways To Use Your Stimulus Check

10) Stock Your Kitchen. Though toilet paper might be in short supply, you can use some of the money to stock up on non-perishable items, that will keep for awhile in your kitchen: pastas, canned veggies, canned fruit, canned meat, beans — things like that. That way, if this thing lasts a while longer, you can be sure you are able to feed your family.

9) Use The Money For Immediate Bills. Keep in mind, you can work with many companies, like your car company, for example, and they may delay payments for you. Don’t just go drop all your stimulus check on paying immediate bills, if you can stagger them out a bit.

8) Pay Your Taxes. WHAT?!? But, you just GOT that money from the government, why would you pay it back? Well, tax day is now July 15th, and you may owe money at that point. You may as well spend it while you have it, instead of coming up short in July.

7) Donate That Money. Consider donating part of your check to someplace that will make good use of the money. A food bank, a hospital, or even a church will use those funds to help those who are in dire need during this season.

6) Throw The Money Into A High Yield Savings Account. You might be thinking, “But, I want to use that money NOW!” I understand, but this is planning a good future for you and your family. You don’t have to invest it ALL, invest a portion of the money. You will THANK yourself later!

5) Pay FORWARD On Your Rent Or Mortgage, If Possible. If you rent, see if your landlord will let you pay a few months in advance — that means there is one GIANT bill you won’t have to worry about for a few months. If you have a mortgage, it is ALWAYS good to work on knocking that debt out.

4) Credit Card Debt. We all have it. *UGH* Why not use your check to knock out one of those cards? You will feel so much better that you did.

3) Use That Money As An Emergency Fund. BUT, that entails not touching the money, like when you want a pizza, or when those cute shoes go on sale, or when that awesome new video game comes out. This requires some restraint. Ha!

2) Open A Savings Account For Your Kids. Think about when they need a car, or when they want to go off to college. Starting them a savings account NOW, will ease that burden later.

1) Shop Online. If you don’t do ANYTHING else responsible with the money, make sure you are shopping online. That might help you not to impulse buy things you don’t really need, and it will make sure you are social distancing, like a good little citizen.

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  1. Does anyone know if those that owe back child support if their stimulus check is taken and given to the person that is owed the child support??