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Aldi Has Squishmallows And They Are Absolutely Adorable

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Aldi has Squishmallows, and they are absolutely adorable!! *SQUEE*

My daughter is OBSESSED with Squishmallows — and if we are honest, so am I!! They are just so soft and squishy. You can’t help but adore them.

There doesn’t seem to be any cap on age for LOVING these squishy buddies, because I know kids and adults of ALL ages who collect these soft, squishy animals.


And, guess what — Aldi has come out with their Christmas finds in the Aldi Finds aisle, and y’all, the Squishmallows are there!!


These adorbs animals come in sets of THREE squishies with a kid’s book to boot. They make the PERFECT gift for — ANYONE!!

If you want to get me a set for Christmas, I’m taking donations. Ha!!


You know these Squishmallows are going to go SUPER fast!! They are $14.99, and are one of those items that disappear just as soon as they get put on the shelf. You better get to your Aldi for your OWN set before they are gone.


But, if you want to know a super secret, Aldi is going to bring out even more Squishmallows for the Holiday season. They are in the Upcoming Aldi Weekly Ad paper, so be watching your Aldi aisles!!

Courtesy of Aldi
Courtesy of Aldi
Courtesy of Aldi

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