Squishmallows Are This Year’s Hottest Holiday Toy

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Here here, get your Squishmallows here!

Squishmallows are the new popular plush toy and they’re popping up all over TikTok.

Similar to how you would snuggle with a regular pillow, Squishmallows are the perfect replacement for when your husband or wife is out of town and you need a soft plus pillow to hold at night.


If there’s any shape, design, movie character or even a type of food you can think of, Squishmallows makes it. There are avocado Squishmallows, pumpkin plush pillows, and even Star Wars Squishmallows; all you have to do is name it and this brand most likely has it!


With more than 450 Squishmallows, the product has become a star overnight ever since TikTok users have filmed multiple videos using the brand’s plush pillow to create content.


Pro Tip: These pillows are also wash safe since you and I already know the kids will take these pillows everywhere and I mean everywhere, the park, car rides, restaurants, etc.


You can currently get the squishy pillows at a handful of retail stores such as Walgreens, Walmart, Five Bellow and Amazon just to name a few.


So go ahead and take your pick, but I recommend browsing through the entire collection because as soon as you favor one, there’s another pillow down the list you’ll like even better; trust me I would know.


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